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i wanted to know if there is anyone out there who can tell me what i should do about my bloodwork/urine numbers
M/C ratio 136.2 (0.0-17.0)
microlbum 295.6 (0.0-30.0)

protein, total urine 67.7 (0.0-15.0)
protein/creatinine ratio 349 (0-200)
GFR >60 (60-128)

can anyone tell me if i should be worried about kidney desease
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HI Aynat,


How are you? Have you been diagnosed with lupus? Have you been diagnosed with lupus nephritis? What medications are you on, and which specialist is looking after your health needs?

It is difficult to know what to say about your blood and urine results without a bit of background info. As you can see for yourself the results are outside the normal ranges, so there is a problem. They are not very abnormal, so probably your kidneys are doing relatively OK, but I suspect that you should be seeing a nerphrologist (kidney doctor) for interpretation of these results and a plan of action.

In people with SLE if renal involvement is an issue it is never enough to just treat the patient with plaquenil alone. Another DMARD should be added too - something like azathioprine or cellcept.

Looking forward to hearing bach from you,

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Hello Aynat

With those out of range results I would certainly want some explanation from my lupus doctor and hopefully assurance about what might be going on.
I hope you can get to see him soon.
Do you have high blood pressure and any swellings around feet and legs?

If you got these results before your doctor had a chance to look at them, I advise against doing that in future. It always leads to worry, often more than necessary.

If you don't have an upcoming appointment call him and explain you are worried.

Good luck with it all -let us know how it goes

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