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Just wondered if anyone else gets this?if I hold my hand a certain way my second finger goes straight and rigid.It hurts like mad whilst it is in spasm and I was wondering if it was a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome.I get it in my toes too.My second toe goes rigid and it hurts like cramp,agonising all the way under my foot until it goes off.Does anyone get this?thanks,

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Hi Julsie,

Sorry to hear you have yet another issue. Try to mention it to the doctor tomorrow.

When I get carpul tunnel the pain radiates into the wrist. Thinking back I don't remember any stiffness, however there can be an achy cramping feeling.

It could also be muscle cramps. Moving your hand could be like when I point my toes and I get an immediate cramp.

In either case try gently curving your fingers or raising your toes to help release the cramping.

Best wishes for tomorrow,
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