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I have been referred to see a rheumi as my GP doesn't feel confident enough about lupus to diagnose...fair enough. I have been making a list, a sort of 'health CV'. 'cept it is more like an 'ill health CV' :lol:

My question is .......can symptoms come and go? Some 10 years ago I had difficulty swallowing, 'sicky burps' which lasted for a about a year and then passed. At the same time I was having problems with incredible pains in my knees and hips.... again they subsided after a year or so (back now with a vengance) Previously i have had bouts of bursitis, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, plantar al. Is is possible for symptoms to come and go?

Do you have to have them all the time for them to count? The list i have come up with is quite depressing and I certainly do seem to have had unfortunate health issues. Many temporary 6-12 months duration, then Ok for a short while. Others.....I have had an allergy to sunlight since birth, gynae problems for 20 years and fatigue has been part of my life for 10 years plus, diabetes and psoriasis 5 years.....and I won't mention the depression and cognitive dysfunction.

Any advice you could give me would be most appreciated
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dollydaydream;538547 said:
Is is possible for symptoms to come and go?

Do you have to have them all the time for them to count?
Hi Dolly.....

Symptoms can come and go over time and the symptoms do not have to occur at the same time.

Hi Sarah,

I am sorry you are feeling so poorly. Hopefully the rheumy will be able to sort all this out for you.

Prior to being diagnosed both the doctors and I were only looking at one symptom at a time. It didn't help that I rarely saw the same doctor. Finally I found a doctor that combined all my symptoms and decided something further was going on. So keep on working on your list.

Take care,
I have just done the same. and keep adding to it. :lol:
i know what you mean though , i didnt know what to put in and leave out. I have just put in EVERYTHING on advice from the lovely peeps in here. The list is very very long now:eek:
hope you have success with your appt
good luck to you
Hello Sarah,

It's good that you have been referred to a rheumy. Even the best GPs don't generally have the knowledge necessary to treat someone who has lupus which is a very complex disease. So, if that is what you have, your GP is quite right to refer.

Symptoms can vary in intensity and also some days it might be more one joint than another, more one symptom and less another...some days worse than others... they also can vary greatly from one person to another and no, you don't have to have every single symptom to have lupus.

Making a list of all your health problems (even if "seemingly" unrelated) can be very useful in finally seeing the whole picture - again, the rheumy is best qualified to join up the dots if it is an autoimmune disease.

Best of luck at the rheumy's :)
Aww, thanks folks. You're all stars. :)
It is important to keep track of all symptoms that might help the doctor to figure out what is going on with you and to help you feel better. It is possible for symptoms to come and go and to even be worse once they appear again. When making the list it is important to say that you have this about 5 years ago and it went away but now it is back and really bad now (worse than the first time it happened, this shows that it is not the same as before). Sharing everything with the doctors is a good idea as it often does help to find out what is going on even if it is a small thing or a limited time thing. I hope this helps some and that you do feel better soon.
Do let us know how you make out today.

I am also a list person, make lists for everything.:lol::lol::lol:

Food list, Honey Do List, Things to do list, etc...

Needless to say my "Symptoms" List is a mile long but my Rheumy loves it.

Everyones job is easier when there is a list to look at.

Fingers crossed for you today that you have a great appointment and move towards some answers.
Don't know what to make of todays appt. Rheumi said I had been there cos GP suspected Lupus. Said my blood result ana originally showed positive, but the second ana was negative so the lab test didn't run the DS DNA my GP had asked for ??????

Since the second ana test was negative then I can't have lupus as it can't be diagnosed without supportive bloodwork.

They diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. It just so happens that I have other symptoms, allergy to sunlight, allergy to septrin, headaches etc. They are just co-incidental and make me unlucky, but not a Lupie.
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