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I have my Rhumatology appointment 17th April so Im gearing up and need some advice/input.

I have a feeling the pain in my feet might be Rhumatoid Arthritis.

Symptoms are:

Two toes on foot really hurt:rolleyes: and they cramp and twitch.
Ball of foot like walking on pebbles.

Side of foot hurts.

All hurts to touch

Other foot not quite as painful.

Now Im off the Plaquenil Im noticing:-
My hips uncomfortable.
My knees same.

Do they give Plaquenil for RA?

Im on 5mg steroids.

The fatigue is back but Im managing better than before I was on nothing even Plaquenil.


This is the bottom line in my questioning.

How do you tell where lupus starts and RA begins...a test for a RA factor?

RA looks for a high WBC have always been low...

Ive had rashes typical of lupus and a postive ANA.

I know that there are similarities with lupus and lots of autoimmune diseases but Im wondering how do you differentiate between some aspects.

I need to find out if I have RA and hopefully its a simple blood test again! Im keen to see if I should be doing anything to prevent further damamge to my feet etc as I want to at least be able to walk for as long as I can as I cant run anymore...

This blimmin disease feels so shifty:rolleyes:

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Hi Nicky,

I have swollen toes, fingers and wrists. My rhumey says it is the lupus attacking my joints. That is why I am trying out metotrexate.

I know they can do x-rays on your joints to see if it is RA.
My BIL who has serve RA is on plaq.

Now here is the confusing thing for me. I was told I had a postive test for RA, but it was a false postive?:?
There are members here who have lupus and RA, hopefully they will come along and post. You have a very good question, I would like to see what is said.

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Hi Christine

Well at least we can shout BINGO:)!

Yes ouch , but it waxes and wanes


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Im not sure I can answer all your questions but I can make a contribution ;). First of all there is a blood test that can be carried out called the Rheumatoid Factor Test. However, in and of itself its not diagnostic because even healthy people can have a positive RF and its also present in a range of other diseases of which Lupus and Sjogrens are just two. With a positive RF AND evidence of joint erosion you can be diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

However you can also have a positive RF with cancer or viral illnesses or various lung, liver or kidney diseases so as you can see its not terribly specific.

There is another, relatively new, blood test which is more specific to RA and thats called the anti CCP test (Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody). You could ask your rheumy about this one.

The biggest indicator of RA however is evidence of joint damage which is seen through xrays. There are people who have sero negative RA (ie no positive bloods) but clearly have RA joint damage which shows up on xray.

I have a high RF but no evidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Its just one of those things that seems to come along with my Lupus. Because my RF was so high my rheumy recently ordered the anti ccp but this was negative and xrays on my wrists and ankles showed no joint erosion.

Plaquenil can be prescribed for RA but there are other drugs as well and if it turns out you have RA other drugs like methotrexate could probably help your joint pain. Some of the RA drugs can interact with Lupus and cause problems though so its best to take careful advice from your Rheumy.

Hope this helps!
Luv n stuff

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Lyn yes its confusing as L:)
Watch this space not only for more info but also for an update once ive seen the Rhumie:)

Joan , fantasic information. Thanks Nicky:)

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Nicky Sorry to hear you are in so much pain, you have my sympathies. I have lupus and recently been told that the arthritis in my hands is rheumatoid. I believe this is because I have synovitis and lupus does not cause synovitis, or so I believe. I keep trying to read up on it, but I have terrible brain fog at mo, also doesn't seem to be a lot of info on this subject. I would be interested to know if any one has more info. Also my platelets have always been very high whereas they tend to be low in lupus, but high in RA. I was told that evidence of joint deformity/erosion first shows in xrays of the feet. Mine did show damage 2 years ago. As others have said Rheumatoid factor is not specific to RA.
They do prescribe plaq for mild RA, I believe the first line drug is methotrexate tho.

I would be really interested to see what others say, as I can't tell where my lupus ends and Ra starts as they seem to come together. Maybe one triggers the other?

I will wait with interest to see how you get on at rheumy. Hope the appt is useful.

Take care


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welcome to the world of the magicial diseases lol. What you were describing sounds some like lupus yet others sound like ra. This is why it is so hard to tell were one disease ends and yet another begins. I do feel for doctors sometimes as it can not be that easy to tell one from the other when the people that have the disease can not even tell were one begins and the other ends. My advise is still the same listen to the body and do only what it will allow you to do. Try not to pull to the point of great pain or discomfort. I hope you feel better.
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