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Oh my goodness Pam it sounds like you are going through a major flare(((((((hugs)))))).I sure can relate to most of what you are talking about anyway at one time or another.I am doing somewhat better now if you call only having IBS trouble.Is there anything your rhueme can do for all the pain you are in at least?i had some trouble with an awful lot of wieght gain and loss of wieght also in the last 9 months and i do no what it is like to sag :lol: I had the eyes looking like scarecrows actually also and the Darrier is looking like a state for sure :rotfl: I have the oppisite with my wolf like look on myface where i never had it before except on occasion but now have it most of the time for sure.I guess i just wanted to let you know i do understand what you are going through and i hope some things will get better real soon((((hugs)))).My thyroid has caused an awful lot of havic for me but not sure if that could be whats going on with you.I have an awful lot of brain loss from it and migraines and fatigue like real bad to the point of my legs feeling like they have cement on them they were so heavy.Well anyway it would take long time and lots of typing to go into everything.I just really hope you get some relief real soon.((((((9hugs)))))))


1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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