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Before I start my rant I just want to say that I am by no means a vain person but a girl likes to look good at times...right?

I'm really not looking for any advice here, I just need to get this off my ever sagging chest and would like to know if anyone else can relate. Some may or may not be lupus related.........

I'll start from the top:

Hair - It's rapidly thinning and much greyer than normal. I can't do a darn thing with it and most times look like a sheepdog caught in the rain. Could be lupus related or just 10 years living with my darling hubby :hehe:

Memory - what memory? :ermm:

Eyes - used to be my best feature but now resemble the latest road map and look like I've been out on the town everynight. At least I'm getting a good reputation eh? :lol: They are also dry and scratchy - it seems the lupus has got to them too. My lovely eyelashes are reducing by the week - maybe I need to use feed, seed and weed like my lawn!

Nose - dry, sore and itchy.

Cheeks - thankfully the rash has subsided but my latest rheumy almost didn't believe I had lupus because he couldn't see it! :rotfl:

Mouth - what can I say, it's a war zone. Tongue resembles the surface of the moon, gums are inflammed and ulcers everywhere else. Could be lupus or plaquinel apparently.

Glands - well they are up more times than my numbers on the lottery.

Hands - they like to feel cold all the time and will withdraw feeling at anytime without my consent. I get small blisters on the tips and alot of dryness.

Nails - I used to have beautiful nails but they've now stopped growing and are brittle. Saves me the job of cutting them I suppose.

Abdomen - IBS is playing up a treat! I could appear at the Royal Albert hall to do a Trumpet Voluntary :lol:

Financial Department - well you have to pay to use it. :rotfl: Best not even go there as you never know what will happen down there. Keeps me guessing though!

Derrier - painful and the size of a small country due to lack of exercise. Shortly to be announced as another continent.

Muscles - they really really hate me at the moment. I didn't know I had any but they've talked my rheumy into banning me from the gym until further notice. Grrr!

Joints - they have rallied and are doing well, I think they may still love me.

Feet - they have now joined my hands in the cold war. :(

There are several other areas that are not quite on the same latitute or longitude as they used to be and have now gone south of the equator - I'm putting that down to global warming.

Lots'a'luv, :love:

Pam xxx

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I can't thank you enough for your posts :grouphug2:

It's good to know that there are others that are feeling the same way. It's so hard to tell people everything - even those close to us as they look at you like you've gone mad or you are a hypochondriac. Individually all the problems sound trivial but to me they are not and it's really been getting me down.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be putting the 'happy bubbly Pam' face on or whether I should just moan the face of people. Either way I don't think I'll win. I let my hubby read my post and your replies and he was quite shocked - hopefully that's a good thing.

I met with a friend tonight and could trust her enough to spill it all out and she was so sweet I almost broke down. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to deal with what we have but it's damn hard trying to figure out the best way to keep ourselves sane!

My doc thinks it's just a worsening of symptoms and not a progression of the disease. I sure hope so but I haven't felt well since the beginning of January. I am so looking forward to this specialist clinic on March 31st!

Although there was humour in my post I did regret posting it at all as I hate to appear weak......until I read all your replies. I'm just feeling a bit fragile at the moment :tears:

Thank you all so very very much :foryou: :foryou: :foryou:


Pam xxx
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