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I understand so much of what you posted on a personal level:eek:, add to it my prednisone buffalo hump, & white eyelashes, and I won't even have to buy a Halloween costume this year:hehe:
Seriously about a month ago, I got totally fed up with my long hair, it had turned really coarse and sort of lightened, was getting an orangish red cast to it, normally it is medium brown with natural gold/red highlights. I had tried every conditioner known to man, nothing worked, so then I got the bright idea to color it back to it's natural shade. I saw an advertisement on tv about a new home hair color kit that promised "no brassiness or orange tones". Feeling that this was the solution to my problem, I bought it, followed the instructions and Ta Da>>>>>>> It turned all of the lightened orangish spots purple:eek: Yes, PURPLE! I tried to wash it out some, nothing worked:worried:, I hid in my house all week, debating whether to go Goth/Punk chick in order to keep my beloved strands.......but sanity won out and I had it all cut off, very short. By the time the beautician was done, all of the hair on the floor made it look like someone had killed Barney:lol: .
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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