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Hi Pam

You have my sympathy.

What ever I thought about my body in the past, I was always happy with my eyes and lashes. Now my right lashes are half the length of my left. And they have lightened so they look stumpy anyway. My eyes are surrounded by 'laughter lines' - funny I don't think, and the bags underneath actually wobble some days.

I have lumps under the skin on my face rather than spots, and the thread veins have crept up from my neck and chest to colonise my jaw line. My neck and chest now have the same lumps as my face.

My hands look 95 - dry, cracked red and wrinkly. People kindly comment on my hands, which I greatly appreciate.

My back, hips, knees, elbows, wrists, fingers and heels are nagging like little good uns, I've still got pins and needles down my right arm, and I'm fed up.

I had all my hair cut off last week because it has changed in texture, colour, and density. Not for the better. I think I look dull as dishwater - I liked having long hair.

Whilst it is not really a problem on the health front, the livedo reticularis that used to keep to my knees and inner thighs has now crept over my abdomen right up to my chamoise leathers (used to have a pair of breasts there somewhere)

You made me smile.

Take care.

Thanks for the opportunity for a communal vanity moan.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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