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Pam, ((( aww)) but you did make me laugh, kidda feel the same way, got sheets over all the mirrors, it's soooo depressing :hehe:
Clare... :lol: yep i to am divorcing my body and prob my hubby...:lol: kids will prob divorce me... but could be worse:)
oh yea before i forget... the grey hair thingy ....... my hair has turned in a short period of time , from long shinny healthyish red hair (mine ) to long horse hair texture very died red hair... when i went to the hair dresser last time nearly fell of my chair,when she told me all the roots (all my roots :eek: ) where white !!!!!! (((awww)))) im to young for white hair...:rotfl: so a slave to the hair die i will be forever....if my body has no intention of growing old gracefully neither do i !!! so there.....:hehe:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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