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Rash:feet and hands

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I have solar and palmar rashes which (apparently!) are classic textbook Lupus type. For years and years these used to come and go very rapidly such that I never really thought anything of them - just assumed they were some sort of skin allergy, of which I have many.

I've now had them constantly for about three years. Does anyone have these or know anything about them? Are they about having a flare or do people have them for ever? I am still trying to work out when exactly I am supposed to be flaring! Not getting very far! None of my blood tests are helpful.

I have asked the Rheumatologist but she just say they are nothing to worry about. I know that...............!

I would be very grateful for any ideas.
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Sheila, thanks for answering. From the response it would seem that not many people have had these? One day perhaps I shall be able to work out when I am to have a flare and what is 'normal' for me!!
Hope you are doing OK in this cold weather.
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