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Hello everyone

I've not posted much over the past couple of weeks as I have been having a stress-induced flare and not feeling up to much.

I haven't been particularly photosensitive in the past but with this recent sunny spell my face has taken on its typical flush and hyperpigmentation (normal for me) but my hands have developed very tiny red blisters. Rheumy took note of them but didn't comment when I saw her last week. However, yesterday my thumbs and forefingers have come up with red eczema-like patches which are quite sore when they get wet. Is an eczema-type "rash" typical for lupus? I have ruled out dermatitis triggers (soap/washing powder/cleaning chemicals) as I have not changed anything. I have a few sores in my hair but I get those from time to time anyway.

I've not had any skin involvement up to now (apart from my face) so this is new to me. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hoping you are all faring well this evening.

Judi xx
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