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A few weeks ago the left side of my neck turned red and sort of rough. I thought maybe I'd been careless when driving and allowed sun to hit my neck. Within a couple days, the area looked dirty -- sort of like I hadn't washed my neck very well. I scrubbed well when I showered, applied lotion later and forgot about it. But over the past week or so, the area has taken to looking red and sort of bumply or maybe just rough most of the time. It really gets red when I hurt. It's not the whole neck, just this area about the size of my hand or a bit larger. It doesn't itch. It's noticeable enough that a couple of people have commented on my "sunburn".

So -- is this a lupus rash? I have the red butterfly on my face fairly often, worse in the sun or when I hurt pretty bad. But I've never had any other type of rash. What do you t hink?

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Hi Sunny, I am just guessing, but I would say yes, it is part of Lupus.
The reason that I say that is that I have looked up everything I could find on Lupus rashes, and they can appear anywhere on the body, and in a
color from a light pink, to a deep red, and it can even get sort of bumpy.
Now, remember who is writing this, and I'm no surgeon. If possible, get
someone to take a picture of it, duplicates if you can so that you can give one to your Rheumy and keep one for your own records. But, still something needs to be done right now, see your Rheumy on an "urgent"
basis, or go see a Dermy. I hope that this is not from stress. Please get it seen by one of the dr.'s and documented, and then post and let us know how you are doing. We want you to keep smiling.:wink2::rolleyes:
Hi Sunny

You have described very well exactly the type of rash I have almost all the time (especially in the summer). I have it on both sides of my neck though. My neck looks 'weather-beaten' and dirty looking sometimes - much the way you describe it. On days when I have been out and about a bit in the sun it gets more angry looking and slightly lumpy.

Thinking back it started about eight years ago and I used to think I had somehow developed an allergy to the sun. I put up with it for several years and then other things started going wrong - you know the story:rolleyes: It was probably one of the first signs of Lupus that I remember but at that stage I wasnt wearing sunblock and it used to get very angry, blotchy, rashy and blistery and, boy, did it itch :( Nowadays its just settled into a permanent ruddy brown colour.

Luv n stuff
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