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Welcome to the forum Martha May

Like most everything else in lupus there is no set pattern to lupus rashes. They might come right after sun exposure or even several months later appear, or worsen. It is quite common for people to report worsening of existing rashes in late autumn. They can come and go in response to different stimuli.
Many of the anti convulsant drugs can cause rashes and some of these drugs can be photosensitising which might explain why you get them after unusual sun exposure. Often these reactions get worse with time so they become more likely.
It sounds as if you had a bad systemic reaction to sun too.

The most common form of drug induced skin reactions is the morbilliform or measles like rash - red pin point size which may grow and may run together but according to one source this doesn't appear on the palms or soles.
If lupus is for some reason suspected for some other reasons, the best thing would be to have a thorough check up -general blood work for any abnormality like thrombocytopenia which can also be drug induced, auto antibodies and urine, just in case. I'd also read through the lists of signs and symptoms on the info section of this site and the diagnostic criteria lists on the Not Yet Diagnosed section of the forum.
However lupus is diagnosed on symptoms too, very often joint aches and pains. If only the skin is affected and only from time to time it would not suggest a diagnosis of lupus unless it was proven by biopsy. A biopsy is unlikely to be done if there are no other symptoms.The anti convulsants very rarely cause clinical lupus although they might cause a positive ANA.
( Dr D Wallace ).

It is hard to get diagnosis of a rash which comes and goes because most people have to wait at least a few weeks to see a dermatologist. It might help for future reference to take pictures of your rashes. I would have my eyes tested, by an optometrist if you can't quickly access an opthalmologist.
If you are in the UK it would be worth seeing if there is an emergency ophthalmological service in your neighbourhood. They are more likely to be helpful than a general emergency dep

Meanwhile I would be very careful of sun exposure. This means no deliberate sun bathing or tanning beds and avoidance of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm or whenever your shadow is shorter than your height. It also means protection with clothing and hats with brims all round at least 4" wide, and wearing UV protective glasses as well as using an effective sun block.

Lupus can cause seizures but I suppose lupus seizures can be differentiated from other causes. People with lupus can have epilepsy too that's nothing to do with the lupus.

After all this I am not sure I have been much help ! :)

Good luck and take care.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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