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Hello Again,
Last march My fingers started going white and limp, No circulation at all. That is what actually finally convinced me and the doc that I had more symptoms of Lupus, long story short, now this is the second time that I have had to deal with my fingers doing this. I don't actually understand much about the disease, the only symptom so far is the numb and white fingers. The rumy said it was Raynauds, I am just wondering what else to look for as far as Raynauds. Today was the first day this season that it happened again, I was watering my flowers when my fingers got wet, and cold, and my pinky's started going white, and numb. I know that I will need to wear gloves, and use hand warmers. I am just really scared about what it next???? This is why I went out of work last March due to the same symptoms. The doc is actually thinking that I have MCTD....really scary, but I guess I should just take one symptom at a time.....Thanks for all your help here on this has actually been a life savor. I think I only come here at my most desperate times., then there is noone to turn too...
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Hello Connie

I am sorry to hear you are so distressed again, and apparently no further forward than you were several months ago. You are not alone in thinking for some strange reason that a diagnosis of MCTD is somehow worse than an SLE diagnosis. MCTD is the name given to a particular set of symptoms, that's all.

It says nothing about how the disease will progress if it does at all. It is as variable as SLE as regards how people are affected and how severely. In fact people with an MCTD diagnosis tend to have a better prognosis than those with an SLE diagnosis.

You really need to start taking care of yourself. What's all this about not taking your medicines yet?
An essential part of Raynaud's treatment is self management. You can get lots of tips here on practical tips for dealing with it. Plenty of people with an SLE diagnosis have Raynaud's too. Stress reduction is very important as it is universally agreed that it is worsened by high stress levels. Stress is hard to avoid of course, impossible in fact, but there are many proven ways of lessening its very harmful impact on our bodies ranging from simple breathing exercises to quite intense programmes.

I am familiar with that horrible paralysed feeling that high anxiety levels produce, going round and round in circles of dismal thoughts. Anxiety is linked with depression so consider if you would be helped by an antidepressant to tide you over and encourage a more positive frame of mind. Many of us take anti depressants as depression can be a symptom of disease as well of course reactive to the problems being unwell causes in everyday life. Anxiety seems also to be associated with lupus.

Here's to happier days very soon

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