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Hi there,
I have raynauds too and deal with all the normal effects of this as you ahve all describe.
I just try to keep warm, always wear gloves, fluffy sock and warm boots etc. Sleep with a fluffy dressing gown and fleece blanket in this type of whether. I ahve the pain and numbness as others have descibed too. I also get terrible cuts on y hands whe the weather is really cold due to the skin carcking, this is awful.
I was just slightly concerned about what you ahd said about some of te other symptoms you described when being in the cold.
When I was diagnosed I had a series of test to look for cryoglobulins, which show changes in th ebody relating to temperature the blood is kept at 37 degrees and then cooled and if positive certain proteins are produced. My test was negative but actually I don't think it was done properly anyway as it is very important that the viles are warmed before taking the blood and then it is stored in a warm box at body temp.
I don't want to freak you out, but maybe its worth paying closer attention to these symptoms and then going back to your doc and talking with them about this.

I also think that the curving of your fingers is not realted to the raynauds if it is there all the time.

The above links give more info, lease ignore the references to Hepattits c in the second one, this condition can just commonly occur in people with the virus.

Good luck.

Take Care

Cassie :)
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