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Reaction to Plaq?

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I have started plaq for the second time this time at a lower dose than before as previously when i took it i go a raised red rash on my GP thought it maybe the Plaq and i was told to stop it. I spoke to my Rhumie who thought it unlikely (but didn't see the rash) and she started me on it again at a lower dose in case it was a reacttion,......

Well the rash is back after being on the Plaq for just over a week......i saw my Gp this morning and he advised me to try and persevere with it.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this type of thing happen when they started Plaq?

If the rash gets any worse i will try and get to see my Rhumie but i do have an appointment with her at the beginning of March where i will talk to her about it.

Thanks for listening, any input would be gratefully received as i seem to be getting more problems the more drugs i try and take to help the Lupus. I am also currently on a low dose of steroids which appear to have created another condition so the GP thinks.....can't remember the name of it but my stomach has swollen to the size of a football and i have been getting chest pains.

Im hoping one day something will help control the hoo

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My Daughter and I are both allergic to Plaquenil. I am sorry but if you may be allergic persisting is the worst thing. My skin took 5 months to heal after a few days on Plaquenil,so it really held my treatment up!

If your Docs are not too good at telling if the rash is allergic a good Pharmacist can often help with this.
Sorry to sound gloomy but I know from experience that persevering with this can really backfire.
x Lola
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