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Hey there :)

I know exactly what you mean about being scared your bloods are normal! It seems odd to say that but when you've been brushed off one time too many, you get to that stage. I am one of those people whose bloods never really showed up a lot and my rheumy used to be very bloods oriented. I suppose she still is to an extent but I'd like to think she has learned a bit from the experience and she does now listen to how I'm feeling and not my bloodwork.

I never had positive ANA and it was only after diagnosis through skin biospy that certain things did show up in my bloods but they were very specialised tests that she had to ask for.

I can't really stop you worrying. I think that worry is kind of natural but I do want to say that if you don't get answers then it is not a case of give up, it's a case of keep on going.

Sorry I can't help more, with time you should worry less. It was only recently that I stopped worrying about my rheumy suddenly turning around and telling me nothing was wrong with me. I think that had a lot to do with my major denial problem though :lol: I kind of refused to believe I was ill myself!!

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