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After my mixed up appt a couple of weeks ago it is my proper Rheumy appt on Monday afternoon. I'll get my latest batch of blood results and bone scan results. To be honest I wasn't nervous till today - but now its near I'm quaking. My hubby is working away for nearly 3 weeks so he won't be back till August and my little girl's school hols start next week and I'm already so tired I just want to go to bed, but I must do a couple of funding applications or I'll have no work in the Autumn and winter this year.

I'm scared he'll say bloods have returned to normal so go away and don't come back - because there has to be something wrong for me to feel like this so much of the time. If my bloods are normal he'll just say its coz I'm depressed. Its not that I want anything like lupus, but that I want to feel better and a dx means more appropriate treatment so feeling better is more likely.:worried:
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