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Hi Jirel,

The rheumy i have would like to see me on medication for what he called "beginning stages of diabetes",, My blood sugar ranges the same as yours in the a.m. 150 + but never past 170.

He also refuses to give me lyrica because it will make me gain weight causing more issues with my diabetes.

Now my GP doesn't think i need to be on medication as of yet.. he is giving me a chance to lose some weight.. though this is going to be hard because of the 2 slipped disks in my back but i'm trying.

My blood pressure may be hereditary and my sugar is lupus related,, no one in my family has diabetes. I don't eat a lot of food and i never eat cakes,, cookies,, sometimes a piece of candy. But i try to stay away from fried foods. Most dinners consists of a large salad with a piece of meat. Lunches are fruit and fruit drinks. Breakfasts are coffee and a bowl of cereal. Nine times out of ten i eat maybe two of thoses three meals a day. This is not a diabetics diet before medication.

I would tell your doc how you really feel,, it sounds like you have some anxiety which can be medicated as well.

Though i don't now what you are taking the lyrica for, I just know it could be causing your weight gain hence increase in sugar.

Good Luck
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