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Hi All,

So over the last 3 years in addition to my Lupus diagnosis I have had APS confirmed and am now on Warfarin, shrinking Lung Syndrome (which all Dr's seem a bit perplexed by) and now a hiatus hernia - I mean, really??? I've had my patella tendons rupture after both knees dislocated, my right index finger tendon ruptured and a mitral valve defect found. Anything else they want to throw my way?! :rotfl:

Is there really anything else that could potentially go wrong? Is there any advise anyone can offer to me to try to 'stay healthy' and avoid any further complications?

Just as well I haven't had a sense of humour failure.....:lol:

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I have no advice, except keep on smiling and staying positive!

HI Amanda,
A good sense of humour is essential, keep smiling and best wishes.
Hi Amanda,

Keep up that sense of humor. I think it was gets most of us through our days.

Hope things are kept at bay now.

One more diagnosis of anything and we will give you the "Superwoman" award.:rotfl:
Hi Amanda,

Do people believe you when you say you have shrinking lung disease? I went to a physio the other day and she looked at me funny and then said in a patronising voice, I bet that is what the doctor called it to help you understand! What a cheek!

If your sense of humour is up to it and you have no religious beliefs against it you could bet people what body part will go wrong next and make some money! Or maybe to be a bit more positive you could bet people what will be fixed first. Either way there is the potential for money to be made!

Hope you are feeling much brighter soon and I am crossing my fingers that everything stablises for you for a while.

Keep smiling
I must say you have a good attitude, keeping your sense of humor intact. The best advice I can offer, besides the usual eating right, exercising and keeping your weight under control, is to keep your stress levels as low as possible. Stress can destroy any and all parts of our bodies. Keeping your great sense of humor will go a long way toward helping you too.
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