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Hi Rebecca and welcome,

We can all relate to being scared at times and that lonely feeling when you are first diagnosed.

As you can see from the number of members on this site you are far from alone. The people here are a wonderful source of knowledge, support and, at times, inspirtation.

Most of us feel that things are quite connecting from time to time. Sometimes it's just that we can't quite deal with what we're trying to deal with at that moment. Sometimes it's what we call "brain fog" which is very common in lupus. Sometimes it's just extreme tiredness getting to us...

It's important not to panic about having lupus. You can find a lot of information here and ask plenty of questions.

Please don't forget that a lot of people who write here are newly diagnosed, not yet diagnosed, or the rarer more severely affected by the disease. You shouldn't scare yourself thinking that you will get everything described here. Lupus is very different for each person suffering from it.

You definitely don't sound like a loony - You sound perfectly normal for someone who has just been diagnosed with a chronic disease!!

If you want to chat to someone live, there's a great chat room here. If no-one is in there you can go in and "hang around" a bit. Someone will most likely join yuou pretty fast.

hugs :hug:
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