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Red face and palms of hands.... anyone get this???

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Its me again with another complaint.:sad: I have been experiencing flushing in my face and palms of hands when I go outside in the sun 8), happens also when I am in the heat and sometimes just happens when I am inside at work. I go outside for lunch when I am at work and I sit in my car and eat. Its hot but my windows are open and I usually park in the shade so the sun cant get me. The breeze is nice . I dont feel hot at the time. I only get 30 minutes for lunch so when I go back inside , my face is all red especially my cheecks, chin and sometimes my neck. It lasts for about 1 hour after I am inside then goes away. My palms also get red at the same time. Everyone else goes outside and eats in their cars or walks around and no one else gets red. :mad: I even get red sometimes when I am stressed or just simply sitting at my desk at work typing. Could the fluorescent lighting be causing this while I am inside?? Its kind of embarrasing. I have been at this job for 2 years and when I first started, my Boss (The Dr I work for) asked me if I drank during lunch. :eek: I was shocked that he asked me that but he was serious. I am always red when I come back in. I really want to go out for lunch to get away from work instead of staying there to eat. You know what I mean. But am I doing damage to my skin everytime it gets red??? I have talked to many Drs about this. I was put on Plaquenil hoping that the skin thing would clear up but so far no and its been 8 weeks. Does anyone else have these same or similar symptoms? O and when I come in from outside I feel like I am overheating. I have to run my wrists under cold water and put a cold rag on my neck and face. Its weird and it only happens to me. No one else understands and they look at me like I am from another planet. :wacko:

Thanks again for the advise.

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Hi Kim!

The same thing happens to me on warm days. My skin seems to react to the heat. It's not a good thing for someone who lives in Florida! :lol: I think the sun may play a role, too, but I get red even if I stay strictly in the shade and wear sunscreen and a hat. I also get red when stressed at work.

My doctors don't think much of it, so I don't worry about it any more. When someone comments on the redness, I usually tell them it's a lupie thing.

By the way, I've been on Plaq for 18 months, and it hasn't helped with this issue.

Sorry I didn't have a solution for you!

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I do not get flushing at all.

For me, if I go in the sun even with a high factor SPF I get tiny fluid filled blisters and the itch is maddening.

I hope someone comes along and can provide some insight for you.

I am new to Lupus and learning a lot lately.

Nice to meet you.............what shore are you near?
Hi Everyone,

I am one here who must wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants out in the middle of the hottest days, because I get a rash on my face and arms. This rash will send my severe sleep apnea into over drive. This rash comes out quite quickly on me. I believe it's called photosensitivity from the sun. I have to wear long sleeve, and pants as there is not many sun screens out there I can use, and the ones I can doesn't stop the rash from appearing.

Also I was told to wear 50 + UV protection sun screen even on the days when the sun it not out. Being in the shade will not stop you from getting harmful UV raise(sp) from the sun.

As for the fluorescent lighting I am not sure what happens there, I have noticed the rash can be seen much better under these lights. I didn't think about the fact it might be bringing the rash out also.


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Hi Kim,
I get the flushing also in the heat or under fluorescent lights. It's frustrating and I know what you mean when you say that no one else gets red when they're in the same heat as you. I have had people tell me that I look really hot and ask if I'm feeling okay. I try to avoid the heat as much as possible, it just isn't kind to me. Sorry I don't have any better suggestion. Take care.


Happens to me to invaring degrees. I chalk it up to being a lupie thing. You should avoid the sun and wear sun screen. The sun is not freindly to most people with lupus and in my case can even bring on a flare. I suggest you read through the if on this site and on the web.

As far as the heat I avoid it at all cost.

Hi Karol,
I didnt realize you were from NJ. I live near the Spring lake/ Belmar beach. Nice to meet and talk to you also.
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