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Gah! So confused again.
I ate a chorizo, chicken and prawn paella tonight. Quite spicy, very uncomfortable to eat, but wow! It tastes so nice! :lol:
Anyway, felt a bit hot throughout. Now I have a face that Father Christmas should envy! Still only on my cheeks and nose, but my cheeks feel hot (to me and to the touch - my nose is still cold though :rolleyes:) ever so slightly stinging/burning and puffy.
The last time it felt like this was when I'd spent a morning in the summer sun. That lasted days!

I have read though that roseca can act like this with spicy foods, so I'm wondering what my dermy will make of it all next week. Add that to a couple of thread veins on my cheeks, and now, after almost 10 yrs I have a few red bumps on my nose too (and I hardly ever get spots!) I'm wondering maybe it's not a lupus rash as this could all point to roseaca (dont know how long that takes to develop though.)

Hmm...Will see what the dermy says, but in the meantime does any of this strike a chord with you guys?
I'm off to put my still-cold hands on my cheeks. :rotfl: What a sight!

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