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red marks neck and chest anyone

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Hi all, am having some new symptoms mixed with the old. I have the malar rash which is always a blush. The last few days everytime I touch my neck, decolete or face it flushes up bright red. Now the red on my neck won't go and I am covered in big red blotches. Anyone know what this might be? many thanks
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Pollianna, when you say big red blotches...could it be hives, as in an allergic reaction to something? Have you changed soap, lotions, detergent?

I know that I have the obvious butterfly rash on the face and then when I really start in with a flare or I get sick with cold, flu, etc, I get a red blotch on my chest, my ears turn beat red and feel like they are on fire and occassionally get red blotches kinda scattered around the rest of my body. It gets very frustrating!!! I'm not sure if that might be with you as well. You might mention it to your Rheumy and see what he thinks.

or do you mean a big V shape on your neck? not sure what u mean

Lin x

I have the rash like she is talking about, it come down in a V shape
under my chin and down my chest, my rheumy says it is the same
rash as the butterfly on my face, just alot more obvious.
There isn't anything you can do about it, but keep sunscreen on it
and i use a night cream for my neck that helps to lighten it a little.
Good luck.
Thanks all, sorry if I was vague, yes it's a V shape but left red marks long after the blush went down.

I noticed that my hands went grey/blue later and it was so frightening. I looked at them in the mirror just to see the skin tone and they actually looked dead :eek: They hurt but they wern't cold. They are starting to do it again tonight. Will definately tell my rheumy. had a very stressful weekend so I'm guessing that has a lot to do with it
My butterfly on my neck is more prominent than the one on my face. Rhumy said it's just part of Lupus for some.
I have a constantly "red" V neck area which is slightly raised and blotchy. Like the others my docs have said that it is just part of the rash manifestation for me. It has been a lot less severe since starting plaquenil (as has the butterfly rash) and is absent in winter when I am totally covered by scarves and other clothing.

Your hands sound like it may be Raynauds and if you haven't already done so should be mentioned to your doc. In severe cases some medication can be given, other than that, you have to try and keep hands as warm as possible. I don't have it very severely but my hands suffer dreadfully from cold and I wear fingerless mittens even when typing and force myself to remember gloves outside. I also wear a pair of warm wool sock over my thinner ones in the house to keep heat in feet.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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