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Red Sores on breast

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Hello Everyone !!!

I have been getting these sores on my stomach for years. (Every 6 months, no big deal)Always wondered what they were. Now I am getting them on my breast and they hurt so bad, i can't hardly touch them, and when my bra rubs up against them OMG. I had 2 of them a few weeks ago. They start off as a red circle, then you can see little (maybe)blood vessel lines, then a few days later they dry up and start peeling like a sunburn. Before they start peeling the pain is horrible. I normally have to put tissue in my bra to make sure my bra doesn't run agaisnt it. I normally only get 1 at a time probably dime size. But this last time I had 2 of them and the pain was the worst.

I have been getting bladder and now kidney infections for about 2 years now. Dr now currently has me taking a pill everyday just to find the infections that don't won't go away. I have always had hair loss, but i have thick black hair. So not too noticeable to others. My hubby is sick of cleaning the bathtub drain out. LOL Of course my kitchen floor is always messy with my hair also.

Dr just mention Lupus to me week before last. He ran some tests, hopefully I will hear something this week.

Have any of you heard anything like this before?
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Welcome to the forum Lisa

So many symptoms can be caused by lupus or a similar disease, but it is good that your doctor is trying to find out what's going on.
I suggest you read the ACR Criteria lists stuck at the top of the Not Yet diagnosed section and the Alternative Criteria to see what you can relate to. The articles on symptoms, tests and diagnosis on are also very useful.
Make a detailed health history leaving nothing out even ob/gyny problems can be relevant. Think what other signs of poor health you might have that you haven't thought much of so far. Joint aches and pains and extreme fatigue for example. Make a note of chronic health problems suffered by close blood relatives.
Get copies of the test results so you can learn what was done and what it could mean.

Many people with lupus have unusual hair loss, considered more than 80-100 hairs a day, but it can be caused by many other conditions. Sorry but it's impossible to usefully comment on the skin sores. Take photos of them though for future reference - these things tend not to be visible when required !
I hope your doctor can get the kidney infections under control.

There's a mine of helpful information here and support so we'll help you all we can. Just ask ! :)

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Thanks for the info.

I have always had back problems, but I am not in the best shape. About 5 years ago another Dr told me I had PCOS because of my hormone levels. My prolatin Level was over the top. I will work on that list. I hope I hear some results today.
Hi Lisa,

Yes, please keep us posted as to your results.

I hope you get some answers.:wink2:
There may be a link between high prolactin levels and lupus and/or lupus like symptoms - we've had a few members with high prolactin levels. Hopefully they will come along and relate their experience...

Hair loss - it's still within the realm of normal to lose 100-150 hairs a day, and women with long hair it appears we lose more hair than our spouses with short hair when it may not be true (the short hairs just go right down the drain is all!).

Have you shown your GP those skin sores yet - and what does he/she think? If no answers are forthcoming from the GP, then you should be able to get a referral to a dermatologist who may be able to help.

Hope you get some answers soon or are able to at least rule out some causes soon!
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