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Hi, Claire,

Sorry to hear you were refused!

My Mum has MS and first time round was not refused but put on the lowest scale all her medical carers were very shocked. The next time round someone at an MS centre help fill in the forms for her. They told her that she had under explained her problems on the forms (denial of her lack of abilities/tiredness/walking distance before feeling tired). When the independant GP visited she also did not admit fully all her problems.

Its seems that there are people experienced in form filling (benefit claims) who can help with completing forms either at the Citizens Advice Bureau or Legal People or I'm sure some of the drop in centres would offer their help and support to Lupus suffers (after all it is an autoimmune disease as well and the disabilites in cases are similiar).

My Mum with the help of MS Centre is on full benefit for life, has and a scooter provided and all fitted in a mobility car-what a change from being on the lowest!

Try, try again, and dispute the descision if possible (get expert advice on this). GOOD LUCK,

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