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hi claire

I am so sorry to hear about your refusal,how frustrating for you!:mad:

claire I agree with lesleys advice regarding trying again & getting help with filling the forms in.
when I applied I went to the citzens advice & they were so helpful,I had no problems at all..they filled them in based on my not so good days & my typical mornings,they didn't exaggerate,they were honest but if I had filled them in I would have probably based them on my good days :rolleyes: although saying that this year my good days have been few & far between!that's the thing unfortunately we can never guarantee how we will be.

you must be so upset claire,please dont give up though I know of a couple people who have had to appeal a few times to finaly get the right decision.

best of luck to you..sending you big hugs :hug:
take care..karen x
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