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There are 2 other medications that are used for Gastroparesis. Zelnorm which is available again but your doctor has to fill out a special application with the FDA in order to be prescribed it. The 2nd medication has to bought from Canada but most all GI doctors know about it in addition to top rheumatologists. It is called Domperidone and it is generic. The cost isn't too horrendous even on a tight budget like you have.

Because it is now generic it will never be available in the USA. At the time Dom Peridone came out Reglan and another medication were coming on the market also. The drug companies in the USA decided they weren't going to worry about Domperidone. Unfortunately the other medication ran into major problems once it was available and was pulled from the market. That left patients like us who either react to Reglan or get no benefit from it without alternatives. It gave me insomnia and a horrible taste in my mouth.

Zelnorm was never approved for Gastroparesis as it was initially designed for IBS and had received a 2nd approval for severe constipation about a year before it was pulled from the market. I sometimes build up immunity to both Zelnorm and Domperidone so I also have Zofran (nausea med) as my backup and good ole Phenergan has a last resort backup.

Take care,
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