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Hi Layla,

I am still very unclear on what is remission and what isn't. I had a period of 8 months last year where I felt fantastic and my bloods were perfect - the term remission was used by my dermy.

Since January I've been unwell again and not once has my bloods indicated anything was going on. I'm pleased that my bloods are good as I'm told that there is no disease progression just a worsening of symptoms. It's frustrating when I am clearly in pain but I'm lucky that my GP knows not to trust my results.

Recently I saw a few different docs and I felt that I had to stress that my bloods don't always indicate my pain.

As Katharine says, you do still need to take the necessary precautions with the sun as this can induce a flare and bring some people out of remission.

I know I haven't cleared things up for you :hehe: but just given you my experience.


Pam xxx
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