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Hello Layla,

I think that for most people remission is medication induced and can be more or less long. During that time you may still not be 100% "normal" but will feel significantly better. For some, very rare, people they have been able to come off medication gradually.

I was lucky enough to have a two year remission where I felt no symptoms whatsoever and suddenly felt like I was eighteen again. That was actually before diagnosis so I wasn't on any meds and unfortunately all my symptoms came back more severely after.

I think that many people manage to attain "no disease activity" meaning no flares when under medication but a flare is always possible and people still have to be very careful about sun, lifestyle, pacing yourself... They will still feel more tired than without the disease but can manage everyday life better. This is what most of us would aim for while remembering that the disease is maddeningly unpredictable - that's where being careful about not provoking a flare is important.

I hope that helps a little. It is difficult to give a clear answer. The disease is already extremely varied and so are the ways people suffer from it. There is very little that can be described as "typical".

P.S. My blood work is "fine" for the moment - due to meds - but I am definitely not in remission. Blood work is not a very good indication of how we feel.

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