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Repeat after must stop overdoing it...

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Hi Flutterbye,

Yes I can relate especially to the lecture from hubby and the teenagers. Sometimes they are worse than the pain! I find when I'm not feeling well, the stress goes up all around and the lectures get worse and the teenagers get worse???? Opposite of what we need. Human nature I guess.

Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope the pain is short lived.


I thought my hubby had somehow contacted you as he said the same thing to me last night. :lol:

I was feeling a little better yesterday and cleared out a cupboard DOH! Chest pain is right back where it was! :sad:

Anyway, I wonder how many will post the same thing on this thread. I do very much understand and hope you feel better soon.

Lots'a'luv, :flower2:

Pam xxx
I hear you on this one - juggling work, kids and lupus is a major mission. Not that I would change anything (except the lupus of course) but it can be really exhausting.

feel better soon


yes I think we can all relate to that!..and the worse thing is we never learn :rolleyes: I must admit I do tend to switch off from the lectures now & just nod my head in agreement :lol:

I hope you feel better soon,try and get some rest.
take karen x
I just want to say how sorry i am you are feeling so lousy(((hugs))).I know it might be your own fault but sure can relate to you in the overdueing it with the move and all.I moved ourselves out of our place and hubbys dad out of his palce and into his own apartment.Then we had to move us out and into our own place:sad:.Never again i told my hubby i am not moving again.I have gotten a lot better about not doing certain things that make me flare.I just hope you do listen to your hubby and take care of yourself now so that things do not get worse(((hugs)))for you.
Well the teen thing :rotfl:You are right you need to say no more :lol:.I have two kids that are now basically moved out but were teens at one time.:hehe:Take care of yourself.

flutterbye;510828 said:
Lol and when you think you have it all sussed out your son's mate turns up as a runaway, and has some real stuff to deal with at the moment, and you have to deal with that and his parents thereby missing your bath! Still at least thankfully he feels that this is a safe place to be, better here than roaming the streets in the middle of the night, now at least he is safely tucked up in bed, there is always something new to add, and more to deal with isn't there.
Bless you, I always worry about the young, so many of them have such a hard time - they need the maturing that only time can give to know how to handle tough situations, etc. But nothing says that helping them would hurt, still, I know that many wouldn't have given him a bed.
So glad my children are grown

I remember my children in their teen years and the grumpy husband thing. Remember all to well how hard it was on me everyday trying to care for them and being sick at the same time frame. Maybe a nice long cool soaking bath and a cup of tea will help you take the fatique away! Maybe today will be a brighter one for you. Wishing you my best!:)
Hi Flutterbye,
All I can say is, you and me both!
I swear the tendency to overdo and collapse must be s symptom of autoimmune diseases.
As to teenagers, they are just biochemical monstrosities.

I have done that, heard that same lecture too. ;)

I over did starting last fall, I haven't been the same since.
I get so tired of not being able to do things and everything starts piling up. Then this little voice says to me "already hurting just as well have a reason to hurt.":idea: :sigh: I need to quit listening to that little voice.:wink2:

I hope you are doing better and do try to get some rest.

You realize by now that you are not alone.
I overdid last night trying to be Betty Crocker-I was not able to do squat today. I did all this for my hubby, so there was not a lecture for me.
As for the teenagers-I love what Douglas said"chemical monstrosities" I have a daughter who I swear has 2 personalties-1 I love and the other I could shake until the person I love is back:lol: Her room and bathroom are not rooms I frequent;)

I think we overdo because we take advantage of when we feel good because that is not an every day occurence if you know what I mean.

Please rest and take care!!
Avoid stress.............yeah right.

My sister in law and her two teenage children are coming to stay.
Ok so we have some space at the moment. Then DS phones to say after paying all his end of year bills he has no money left and so is coming home next week from uni. Now younger son was planning to spend the week in Manchester with his bro, giving us another room for SIL :eek::eek:
I suppose we'll all just have to fit in somewhere.

Actually worried about DS as he seemed a bit down about his final exams...........will definately not want his cousins in his room fighting over the playstation.

AND to cap it all after doing too much (cutting back all the hedges teetering on a stepladder.) I now have this persistant low back pain ?? sacro -iliac. and am popping diclofenac like there is no tomorrow.:worried:

My little ole mum bless her, said if it gets too much I can stay with her.
I am 50........she will fuss over me like I am 15......aaaaaaah
I finally took the lecture to heart and stopped overdoing. My actions made those around me realize how limited my abilities had become. When I do something special for them it is actually appreciated, not just taken for granted. It is very liberating not to be an unpaid slave at everybody's beck and call.

Those of you with young ones can't do this of course. However, some of what you do around the house could be done by your children. Part of raising children is to help make them ready to live on their own, if you do it all they won't be. Start having the little ones sort the laundry and run a dust cloth across the furniture. Let that teen be shocked when they don't have their favorite outfit to wear. Get over the idea that only you can do it right.

We all load ourselves with these toxic medications in hopes of feeling better. Once we have a glimmer of relief we turn around and run ourselves into the ground. This makes no sense. I challenge you all to eliminate one task by delegating or eliminating it all together. Help yourself so you will be there for your loved ones.

Take care,
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Hi there,

Well I sure know how you feel... I seem to do it everyday of my life and then think, I should have done one thing less;) Of course the next day I am back at it...
I think it is because we are wives and mothers.. we have so much to do and we feel we have to ...and the alternative of not doing it and looking at the mess is not pleasent... At least it isnt' for me.. So I go at it...:hehe: I know that is a silly thing to do... But I understand why you do it...

  • Now that you did all that REST and take care of yourself.
Love Penny:wink2:
Hi Ladies!

Here, Here!

I partiularly agree with you lazylegs about getting the older kids to help out a bit.

My 11 and 12 year old earn their poket money doing the dishhes 2 nights each a week and they also help out doing things like putting out the laundry on the line and putting it away upstairs.
My son whos 12 even gets the hoover out sometimes.
Thay are not forced to do it and they get rewarded and actually do appreciate me more i think.
My hubby is really good aswell too, helps out with the cooking and does all the food at the weekend when he's home.

But even with all this help i still don'y have time to go and have a nice soak in the tub!!! :lol:
I really couldn't cope without their help and my hubbies as i have 5 children all together 12 yrs, 11yrs, 5 yrs, 3yrs and 1 yr. And i don't havw any family around so its just the seven of us who have to muddle along and get things done as best we can.

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I think I go thru this at least twice a month. It is not like we plan to overdo and stress our bodies out. We just start out with the normal life things and than we just add a couple more and before you know it we have hit the bottom.

I think everyone that has a partner gets the same less and rest more
But what they don't understand is by just doing the noraml day to day thinigs we are exhausted. So yes we love that they are concerned but we also want them to realize that we know that we will pay in the end but we feel good at the moment and don't want to waste it.

There will always be something more to do and we have to learn that the ones that love us won't love unless if we don't do everything..this is the hardest for me!
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