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I just want to say how sorry i am you are feeling so lousy(((hugs))).I know it might be your own fault but sure can relate to you in the overdueing it with the move and all.I moved ourselves out of our place and hubbys dad out of his palce and into his own apartment.Then we had to move us out and into our own place:sad:.Never again i told my hubby i am not moving again.I have gotten a lot better about not doing certain things that make me flare.I just hope you do listen to your hubby and take care of yourself now so that things do not get worse(((hugs)))for you.
Well the teen thing :rotfl:You are right you need to say no more :lol:.I have two kids that are now basically moved out but were teens at one time.:hehe:Take care of yourself.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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