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responding to posts

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I read all the posts here. but respond to only a few. many reason for this. I dont know the answer, can't get the words out to make sense,just to tired, or can't spell that day
the reason I am writing this is to let all members know. I am never ignoring anyone or pick favorties. I imgaine. there are more members that this happens to
so for everyone that starts a thread, I am thinking of you and wish all of you best wishes in your problems.

stay healthy
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Hi Carol

I definatley can relate to everything you are saying.I just wanted to let you know how much you are missed on the boards and in the chat room also.I sure hope you get better and real soon to.My brain is coming back slowly right now because i am not hurting as much but the fatigue is why i ussualy cannot post to something.I feel like i cannot braing my thoughts together enough to even put it in here grr.I just had to post to this one though and let everyone know that i sure hope you get feeling better and soon((((hugs)))).

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