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responding to posts

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I read all the posts here. but respond to only a few. many reason for this. I dont know the answer, can't get the words out to make sense,just to tired, or can't spell that day
the reason I am writing this is to let all members know. I am never ignoring anyone or pick favorties. I imgaine. there are more members that this happens to
so for everyone that starts a thread, I am thinking of you and wish all of you best wishes in your problems.

stay healthy
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Don't beat yourself up - I've been doing the same for the last few months. Where I used to be able to respond to any post, I now only respond to a few as.........well there are more bad days than good at the moment and I feel that if I can't be positive, objective or offer good advice then it's better not to post at all. I also don't cope well with lots of sympathy lol :ermm: Just the way I feel at the moment and I don't like it one bit!

I too log on everyday and hope to be back to my old self at some point. Your post really struck a chord with me.


Pam xxx
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