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responding to posts

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I read all the posts here. but respond to only a few. many reason for this. I dont know the answer, can't get the words out to make sense,just to tired, or can't spell that day
the reason I am writing this is to let all members know. I am never ignoring anyone or pick favorties. I imgaine. there are more members that this happens to
so for everyone that starts a thread, I am thinking of you and wish all of you best wishes in your problems.

stay healthy
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Hi Carol,

Your post echoes thoughts I have had myself. I have been through a lot of stress recently and have also been tired and quite unwell. All that adds up to me, for once :rotfl:, being at a loss for words.

Sometimes I read and hope that the answer will come to me a little later, sometimes I just can't.

I think that this is the same for everyone including our wonderful mods. We are all patients, we all have our own lives, problems, health issues outside of the forum.

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