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hi guys

I have a question about retreatment with rituxan. I have been really lucky with the extended period of time of b cell depletion that I got from my first treatment. My B cells were undetectible for a year, then they took months to come back fully.

For those of you have been retreated with rituxan, did you get similar lengths of depletion the second time around as compared with your first treatment ?

I heard somewhere (can't remember where) that in cancer patients the b cells tend to come back faster each time - I have no idea if this is true or not, but I was just wondering how you guys went in terms of subsequent treatments.

Overall rituxan has been good to me though my antibodies levels still tested way positive, but I have done pretty good overall. Have you had as good an effect with subsequent treatments as compared with your first ?

Time will tell, but I am ever curious. I go back in two weeks for my next round of rituxan/cyclo that will complete my retreatment.

I am a lot more symptomatic this time with rituxan, as last time I had been having monthly cytoxan for months as it was an 18 month battle to get rituxan. So it will be interesting to see how I respond.

thanks guys


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hey there. sitting here at my office and trying to make it another 30 minutes before going home to crash. just had by first 2 treatments with rituxan and although the first wasnt so made this time around has kicked me right in the gut. i go back to the dr on the 3rd and hope these symptoms are an indication that something is working. we tried the cytoman (sorry too difficult to concentrate on spelling) and the other 2 chemo style drugs with no success. i also have mctd and the polymotis and like everyone else several other related diseases. did your ana count go down and is that different from a 'b' cell count? i am sure my dr explained this but i cant recall. he was just hopeful that since it was different in attacking 'b' cells and my brain and neuro symptoms that this could be the drug we have been searching for. i am grateful that i have been stomach sick just really really tired which is strange because i usually run in overdrive sleeping only 3-4 hrs a night. anyway best of luck with your next treatment. take care

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Respones to retreatment, seems to be a very individual thing, how long the 'b' cells stay away, how much they are depleted. I have heard that some people on my protocol of every six months stop making 'b' cells altogether for years, I was thinking that mine were going that way, my treatment has just been altered to every four months because the b' cells are on their way back before the six months is up. I just dunno and also wonder. Personally I think it is better to be on top of the 'b' cells rather than chasing them and trying to beat them down once they are back, but who knows.

Hope your response to this round of rituxan is good.


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Hi Raglet,

My b cells returned faster the second time. I haven't been tested yet since this third round.

Shortly after the third round the antibodies went to normal range. Looking at my bloodwork no doctor would suspect Lupus. They would be clueless.

Take care,

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Hi Raglet
Have not been around for a few weeks so I missed this.

Like you, my B cells were not detected for a year after treatment. Antibodies, CRP, and sed rate went to zero. As B cells began to recover my antibodies, CRP and sed rate reappeared and began to climb. I was retreated before the B-cells fully recovered.

The first treatment knocked out ANA, antidsDNA, CRP, sed rate.....completely. This treatment was on top of Prednisone, Plaquenil, and Imuran.

The re-treatment was mono-therapy. I was not taking anything else. Again, all of the above disappeared plus B cells completely depleted. Again, B-cell depletion lasted a year.

Oddly, a few months after retreatment CNS symptoms skyrocketed. Theory I have heard is that CNS was kept at bay by the other drugs with Rituxan being minimally helpful or not at all helpful. My CNS symptoms do respond to pulses of prednisone 60-80 mg.

At this point, hematology is 45 tubes of blood closer (I hope) to finding out what is causing the blood clots, neurology is trying to find out what the swelling in the brain is all about, and rheumatology is on spite of the rising ANA, anti-chromatin, anti-dsDNA, sed rate, CRP, and fully recovered B-cells (at least as high as mine ever go).


Who knows. Hope your treatment went well and you are feeling better.


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Hi there,
I have had many retuxan treatments in the last few years... My doctor does not discuss my blood work with me... But she did say that everything was looking very good...And I feel great...
I hope all of you who are on Retuxan has as much success as I have...
Take care ...

love Penny
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