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Give in or give up.

Just a quick note cause on my way back to work from lunch.

Saw my rhemo, I have a massive sore throat and since Sat. and thought can I kill two bird with one stone and maybe he can tell if infection.Nope. He can't.

But he said stop immuran until I get better. That is 150 mg dosing. Last time I dropped 50 mg and suffered severe pain, etc. But I understand why to stop it for infection reasons.

My lump on the bottom that I asked about on here I don't I checked back but he checked and said he thinks a hernia and pretty big. What the heck? He says go to surgeon. Umm can't just call up a surgeon and say hello? see me.

Then my knees he said they are loss of function and probably the tear on one has gone through, go see ortho.

Pain med, he didn't conclude anything and didn't offer anything despite me telling him that I couldn't take darvocet.

He wants me on 150 mg of immuran for 3 months and then see what happens from there.

Everything else was pretty much dismissed even my loss of function on my hands and numbness and everything else. He just doesn't have answeres or has no clue about these things.

You may say change rhemo but there aren't any in my area and I already travel 45 minutes to get there.

So I remain ill and will stop the Immuran and see if not better tomorrow then call gp.

Apologies for my grouchiness.

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Hi Paula,

My initial thought was a hernia but you said it wasn't painful. When I had mine during my second pregnancy the pain was excruciating. I could only put my toes to the ground on that side when I tried to walk.

It sounds to me like you need to see your GP to get the ball rolling from here. Where I live surgeon's and orthopedists won't see you without a referral.

I hope your throat feels better soon.

Take care,

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I am so sorry things did not go better for you at the visit. I am sure that you were hoping for a more productive visit than you got. You will need the referrals for the doctors he wants you to see did he give you at least that much? I would give it a few days and call his office and again tell the nurse the same or doctor direct if you can talk to him. If you keep after him maybe he will either find an answer for your problem or at least hear you. I have to that with my rhuemy sometimes as he acts as if he did not hear what I said. His nurse in his big office hates me, but I have to say I don't think to much of her either so we are even lol. I hope you feel better soon.
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