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Hello Ashli :)

Not so long to wait then!
Here is an article on the main site about the first doctor's visit

You can expect to strip to your underwear. Don't wear nail polish or artificial nails since examination of the hands and nails can provide important clues to systemic disease. Also if you wear makeup, take it off before the consultation.

You can expect to be closely questioned about your general health history and also of course the particular symptoms that lead you to the consultant's office. Write it all down clearly and make a copy to give to the doctor. A note of the chronic or recurrent health problems of close blood relatives can be useful too, even a history of miscarriages might be relevant. Another useful but grim exercise is to think carefully how your disease is affecting your everyday functioning, what can't you do in the house in leasure time and very importantly at work

Don't expect any answers at the first consultation. Almost certainly there will be a full range of blood tests and maybe some imaging ordered, such as x rays or scans all depending.
The main questions to remember to ask are, when the follow up will be, and how to contact the doctor if need be meanwhile.

Another question worth asking is about pain relief meanwhile. Now that the blood work has been done, the doctor might be willing to prescribe a sterois like Prednisone or Prednisolone to reduce inflammation quickly, as well as pain killers/ anti inflammatories. :)

Good Luck
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