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Rheumatologist vs. Immunologist

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Well, I'm on week two recovering from Pneumonia. Not fun but been here before. My pulmonologist is now recommending that I see an immunologist. I have had the basic immunology tests done with the rheumatologist and they have been coming out somewhat ok. The only areas I have trouble are Sed rate, P-Anca and white blood and neutrophil counts (high). I take Plaquenil and Mobic and a daily dose of Bactrim DS because of constantly acquiring some type of respritory infection. I've been diagnosed so far with UCTD, Raynauds, but everyone suspects Wegener's or Lupus.

Anyway, does an immunologist dig deeper into your immune system where a rheumatologist does not?

Thanks for any info.

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Basically... yes. Both can diagnose immune system diseases, but the immunologist specializes in all sorts of immune system problems whereas the rheumatologist tends to specialize in autoimmune problems and joint/connective tissue disorders. Since you are experiencing frequent/near constant infections, I think the recommendation to consult an immunologist is a good one.

Many people with frequent infections have other problems with their immune system such as IgA deficiency (which I have); but there are many other immune system problems that can be associated with frequent infections. IgA deficiency and other similar disorders are also linked to a higher liklihood of developing autoimmune disease as well.

I think it would be worth it to get a consult and see if the immunologist has any additional ideas. Some people here have received their lupus diagnosis from immunologists too. Good luck - I hope you can kick those infections to the curb soon or at least are able to find out if there is some other reason as to why you are getting them so frequently.
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