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Good luck with your Rheumi visit on the 25th! It sounds like your last Rhuemi was pro-active and wants to try to find a time when other bloods might shows signs of Lupus. Was he the one that arrange your new Rhuemi or was it the GP. If past info is not past on from Rhuemi perhaps your new GP can corulate a list of past/current symptoms and all your old test results!

My Immunologist gave me a bloodwork sheet and told me to get my bloods done only when I felt at my lowest! I did that and low and behold my bloods showed signs of high ds DNA plus abnormal C3/C4's so he was then able to confirm a diagnoses of SLE. This probably was just a fluke but who knows it might be worth a suggestion to your new Rheumi.

Hope your finger is okay now - I hate the sight of blood and it made me feel ill thinking about your finger!

Have you been to the GP for your suspected kidney infection yet!

Do you know what is causing the rib pain I would be interested to know if you have/or get any answers! I have had rib/back/tummy pains (similar to contraction pains) since yesterday morning! Mine may well be connected to a new NSAID (can't take now) or virus/flare or other unknown element!

Take care and let us know how your Rhuemi appointment goes!

Love Lesley
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