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Rhuemi Appointment

hi loppyloo i had appointment today took a list of things to say to him but never got a chance he said not sure if it is lupus or something else did the usual clothes of prod here prod there then said how did i feel on the palquin been on it for more than a year told him did not feel any benifit from it asked about the rest of my medication told him the list of meds then he said i will do more blood tests and then sent me for xrays on hands wrists feet pelvis hips but i had to laugh he said i might have to put you a higher dose of palquin what is the point in that if he cant give me a yes or no to having lupus or not head is spinning not knowing how can one doctor tell you yes you have it then another say somthing else i was glad when i got told that it was lupus as i felt like a hypacodriacte with all the other things that i have wrong with me he also said about coming of the palquin but never said when i was going to get hubby to come in with me but he could not get a parking space by the time he got parked i was out from seeing him dont know if i am coming or going really fed up :sad: :sad: :worried:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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