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Rheumy Appointment Update

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Hi everyone :)

Just thought I would give an update on my Rheumy appointment today. All my Lupus bloods are looking good so thats great. Wish someone would tell my body that ;)

A while ago I posted about pain I was having in my arm in and around the elbow area. The pain is also in the upper arm area. Well my Rheumy did some movement tests and said it was tendonitis so I have instructions on using heat pads to see if it reduces the pain. If this doesnt work, I am then to try ice packs as well. He is also sending me for physio and we review everything in three months. Injections are the next step but he is reluctant to go down that road until we try other treatments. Suits me grand.

I also have sciatica caused by degenerative bone disease (probably a mixture of age, being overweight and the steroids). I've been having increasing lower back pain that goes down into my legs.

I will be getting a 24 hr BP monitor on soon. The plan is to see if they can reduce the amount of meds Im on to control the BP so fingers crossed. I hate those machines! You cant get a wink of sleep with them!

Finally I am recovering from a horrible bout of stomach problems since Thursday night. Turns out I had the Norovirus all along (winter vomiting bug). Wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy :scaredy: The good news is the doc says I am no longer contagious. I spent the last three days in bed without eating a thing so tonight I have an appetite like a Rhino! Look out fridge! The interesting thing is that the doc said one should never take anything to suppress the diarrohea as it absolutely has to come out. Gross - I know! He said its fine to take something to suppress the vomiting but not the other end ;) And there was I swallowing anti-diarrohea tablets to beat the band. Mind you, they didnt help much!

He also said something interesting. He advised me not to take my Celebrex if I had diarrohea because both can cause dehydration and one will only enhance the other and could end up causing kidney problems. If he only knew that I was so sick I couldnt hardly take any of my tablets but the two I faithfully took were the steroids and the Celebrex. Ooops.... ;)

Hope you are all keeping well.

Much love
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Hi joan hope you are feeling better i had the injections in my elbow that was years ago.Then after 3 it turned out to be tennis elbow.Had the op and the releif was instant hope you dont need the op but if you need the injection take it as it does help.I still go for mine in my hips had them done a couple of months ago.Have you ever had Acupuncture if not ask about that as an alternative i am so glad that you are well.Elisabeth
ps leisa is waiting to here from the sponsors about the bunge jump she is giving it all to Lupus :)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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