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Hi Everyone,

I saw my very good Rheumy, yesterday..and he increased my Cell Cept by 500 mgs a now, I take two in the morning and one at night. 1500 mgs a day. If my bloods say, next draw, that I am continuing to tolerate it well, he may increase it again, by another 500 mgs.

He is tapering me off the Pred, in a seven week taper. He told me, if I have any return of symptoms, to stop at that dose, and call his nurse. I had some very good news, also! My bone scan was normal...He was even funny! He said, I must have some really good genes or something..That he sees a lot of bone scans, and rarely sees a normal one..:lol:

He knew about my "pea brain." The pea sized tumor in my brain..So, I know all my drs. are interacting on some level.

Hope this day finds you all feeling better..


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Hi Sandy,:)

I am very happy that the cell cept is working for you.
It is always great when we have a good rhumey.

Good luck on tapering down on the pred.:fingers: I hope it all goes easy and smooth for you.
Take care of yoursellf.
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