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Rheumy says not sure

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My name is April and I haven't been diagnosed as of yet. The doc says that all the tests are showing normal and until something more appears I'm kinda in a holding pattern. I don't want to complain, but I thought that I might at least find some peace of mind here. I ache all over, my arms and legs go numb at times and it keeps me awake at night. Sometimes the pain is less than others, but it seems that it is always there. Heat seems to help, hot water and even the tanning bed. This has been going on for almost 3 years and I finally got to the rheumy about 2 weeks ago. He gave me an anti inflammatory and muscle relaxer to try to help. So far it helps some, but doesn't make it all go away. Am I crazy or do I need to keep pursuing this? Doc doesn't want to see me again until Dec. unless I have a flare up before then. It's awful to want to hurt THAT bad, but it's enough to make you wish for it. Any advice or words of encouragement?


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Hi April,

Don't give up if you are in pain. The fact that your legs go numb isn't normal either. It may just take time for the doctor to figure out what exactly is going on with you.

One thing that jumped out at me is that you use a tanning bed. If you think you might have Lupus using a tanning bed is not a good idea. A good number of Lupus patients are sensitive to ultra-violet light. The exposure could cause a flare up.

Take care,
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