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Rheumy started me on Cellcept today.

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So I was just wondering how everyone is doing now on it? I went back through old posts, about 25pages, and it looks like other than nausea if taken too close to food, there isn't much problem???? My bottle says it causes sleepiness, I didn't expect that! I take 500mg, just once daily for the next 3 weeks. In two weeks I get blood work. Also, what two birth controls are good to use for this? Right now we only use a spermicide suppository. The big galoot won't wear anything. I want him to get, well, you know, fixed, but he balks at the idea. my health wont take something like a tubal ligation. And I hate to add another med. Iknow, I'll have to call the gyno. She won't be happy to see I missed a year's check up, pelvic U.s. and mammogram. Sigh, gosh, my flare needed more stress like this. Why not?? Pile it on. Go ahead. I am off to google, just once. I refuse to be scared of this med.
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