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Rhuemie appt next week and I'm scared.

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Hi. My appointment for rhuemie is next week and you were right that it has come around quicker than I thought. I'm scared though that he'll just say I'm fine and I'll be back where I started as I know my blood tests did not show anything. I have spent ages feeling lousy and now I do nt feel so bad but i also know that in a week or so I could feel lousy again.
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Hi snowflake - i know how you feel, i felt exactly the same before my appointment this month. It's hard but try not to dwell on it too much. Prepare yourself as best you can with any questions you want to ask or things you need to remember to report to him. Are you taking someone with you? I did and i think it helped in my case.

Good luck with it..... Kiara
You could ask him if he thinks there is a possibility of sero-negative lupus (where blood tests are negative). Make sure you ask if you can have a review again in 6 months and repeat blood tests. You could also ask if there is any treatment you could try (without a diagnosis) that might relieve symptoms. If you have a family history of lupus or other autoimmune disorders, make sure he is aware of it all. If necessary write a summary down and take it.
Good luck with your appointment. Just remember to have your questions with you.

One of them being, if you cannot help me, is there someone that you could refer me to that can help me because my quality of life is very poor with these symptoms and I need help desperately.
Hi snowflake, i know just how you must be feeling i think most of us did, you will be fine, just write things down if you can, and it does help to take someone with you that see's what your like that can tell them something you may forget

at least you have had the help from here more than what i had i didnt even know about lupus then.i wish you lots of luck with your appointment
please let us all know how it goes my fingers are crossed for you

take care Lin xxx:grouphug2:
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