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Hi, sorry you are going through so much yuck......I do know however, several people on depokote and they're doing quite well on it. I have the unfortunate case of depression and I eat too much and don't sleep. I have a vagus nerve implant for treatment resistant depression and it was working well, but now I have situational depression from the lupus as well as already diagnosed anxiety, borderline personality disorder, post traumatic strees disorder. I see my therapist once a week when I am up to it....if your insurance covers it maybe you could see yours more frequently. Don't give up the depokote may do the trick. Psychiatry seems to be an art of trial and error instead of a strict science. Take care, eat well, sleep well, and take good care of yourself. Karla PM me if you would like to

Have you been on lithium, or do they still use that??? When I was on that I gained 100 pounds in a year!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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