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I have been posting quite a bit so will give a quick recap

1) I recently had 3 very early miscarriages (two weeks pregnant both times)
2) Have highly positive antiphospholipid antibodies igg igm and screening test

3) Cardiolipin test is negative

So I assumed I have APS but the rheumy today says he can't base this desicion on two very early miscarriages because aps is usually a second trimester loss or later.

He said, just because I have the antiodies and two chemical pregancies (which are very common), it is too premature to say or even suggest at this point.

SO for now, I was told to try again and see what happens! Wish me luck, I'm ovulating in 4 days!!!!!:)


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:eek:Get thyself to a heamotologist asap! Women with APS can and do carry pregnancies to term, but it is under the close guidance of an experienced doctor.

Did your rheumy test for B2-glycoprotein? My rheumy told me this is a much more definitive test than the anti-phospholipid or anti-cardiolipin assays. APS is very new in the medical community, and not all doctors are up to speed yet with it's diagnosis.

There is more and more information becoming available, but I find I know more about APS than any of my doctors do. I was the one that pointed out that I had elevated ACL antibodies to my neurologist after my second stroke, and asked if he was testing me for APS. He didn't have a clue what I was talking about. :mad:

There is alot of good information on this site on APS. Make sure you know for sure what your diagnosis is before you DO loose a pregnancy in a later trimester.

Lupus is hard enough without adding any more heartbreak. :there:
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