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rhuemy visit

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Hi Everyone,

I had my appointment with my rhumey today. He went over my labs that I had when my foot retained fluid.

I now get to do a 24 hr urine test. My lab showed I was leaking some protein. He said with kidney trouble retaining fluid usually happens in both legs.(I have never been a normal so why should I be now?:p) Being we really don't have a reason for that and there was some protein. He said a 24 hr urine test would show how much protein I was leaking.

He said kidney trouble starts out slow and you don't notice it and it doesn't show up on tests. Then boom it shows up on tests and have a lot of kidney involvement by then.

I am telling myself I am not going to worry until I have too. That isn't working to well.:unsure: I will do the test next week and see what becomes of it.

Take care,
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Hi Lyn,

It sounds like your rheumy is being careful :) but please try not to worry too much.

here's loads of none worrisome hugs winging their way to you,

Hi Lyn

Im sorry to hear about this new worry. Your Rheumy does sound like he is on the ball and doing the 24 hour collection will obviously help identify the extent of the problem.

Lots of hugs and positive thoughts coming your way :hug: :hug: :hug: Let us know how the results go. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it all settles for you without more interventions. Is the foot still swollen?

Luv n stuff
Hi Lyn

I sure hope the test of the urine i am praying that everything comes out okay and that the kidneys are good.He sure does sound like he knows his stuff for sure.Please take it easy this weekend as i do know what going to the rhueme visits can do to you((((hugs))).Please let us know how the twenty four hour urine test goes for you.

Hi Lyn,

Sending you lot of:there: love and :hug: hugs... ... I hope you do not spend the weekend worrying... It sounds like your doctor knows his stuff... So put those feet up , stay in the shade and read a nice long book..
You will be in my thoughts and prayers... Talk to you soon.

Love Penny
Thank you Katherine, Joan, Tammy & Penny:grouphug2:
for your kind words, prayers and hugs.:)

My foot was swollen for 3 days but took a week for it to feel better. I wore ped hose for about 4 weeks, until it got so hot here wearing them wasn't comfortable.

My rhuemy asked me if I was checked for blood clots. Which I wasn't checked for. He said with lupus that is a big concern having blood clots.

I haven't had much time to think about my urine test. We went and saw our beautiful grand daughter, today.:) I even got to babysit for awhile all by myself.:bigsmile::yahoo: It is so awesome to be a grandmother.:cloud9:

I will probably do the 24 hr test on Tues. I need to go get my jug on Monday.:ermm:

Take care everyone!
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(((((((((Lyn)))))))))))) :( Try not to worry, although I know that's easier said than done. I hope all goes well and that you get the all clear.

:rotfl:eek:n the Grandmother bit, if I was a granchild I would want you as my Grandmother :rotfl:you just love her to bits don't you :bigsmile:

Wow Lyn, looks like you have a great rhuemy! On top of everything and watching out for anything. Just let him do his job and try not to worry about what he tests for. He's just making sure nothing gets by him.

The good old 24 hour test eh? So much fun that one is. :lol: I always seem to show some protein on my panels but have only done the 24 test one time which was ok.

On the grandmother part, as of today I am officially a GREAT grandpa! :bigsmile: Another generation has started in our family and with any luck, I'll get to see one more. No babysitting for me until he's potty trained, I haven't had to change even one diaper yet! :p
Hi Lynn,
like others ave said its really good that your rheumy is being cautious.
I really hope that the test esults come back o.k and as others have said try not to worry yourself too much.

Lots of luck to you and take good care.

Cassie :):)
Hello Lyn :)
I hope all turns out well too. I have read that most people lose protein from time to time but never heard there are signs until it is advanced, signs as opposed to symptoms you feel yourself.
A suggestion especially if you have a trek to get the collection bottles - get two just in case the first go gets loused up. I got so fed up at not having a supply of sterile little bottles for the regular urine checks but I have managed to collect a few.

Aren't the grandchildren sheer delight ! :hehe:

Tom, congratulations to you both ! I hope you can manage to avoid the diapers. I never minded my own babies' or the granddaughter's and anyway there was nobody else to do it, but other people's kids' revolted me.


Sorry to hear there is now some concern with your kidneys. If it makes you feel any better, it's believed a sizeable percentage of people with lupus have only very small kidney related issues which never need aggressive treatment. I leak protein too on occasion, but haven't needed any real treatment for it other than lisinopril to help protect the kidneys.

Your doctor really does sound wonderful and very attentive to your needs. It's so good to hear about the good ones out there.

Take care & I hope you get the test done soon and the results back fast so there isn't too much time left to worry...
:there: Lynn, I'm sure you're worried! But it sounds like you have a thorough rheumy, he's on top of things. Hard advice, but try to take it one day at a time! Prayers are with you! Cathy
Thank you Lily, Tom,Cassie, Clare, Maia & Cathy,:grouphug2:

You all have put my mine at ease. Thank you very much for that. I feel so much better after reading your posts.

Lily, :rotfl: That is a cute thought about me being your Grandmother.
Yes, I love her to bits!:love:

Tom, Congrats on being a Great Grandpa.

I am so happy I have such a good rhuemy.

Take care everyone.
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Hi Lyn,

Haven't been on site, for a couple of days..I am so glad, I didn't miss this post!

I hope the very best for you and that, your test, turns out ok. As other's have stated, try not to worry..I am glad that your thoughts have been on the fun of being a grandmother.

I know you love your little much! :)

Lyn, please let us all know how your test turns out? In the mean will be in my thoughts and prayers...dearest friend.

Hi Lyn,:hug:
I know what you are feeling and I agree with the others your rheumy is on top of it:wink2:. I have done many 24hr urines and they are a pain in the rear, that is for sure, but they are accurate. I have had kidney involvement since 2001 and I have not needed real aggressive treatment as of yet. I usually do well with IV meds and lovely prednisone.

I am so happy for you being a grandma!!!! I know how much joy this brings to you and that is whatr is important!:)

Please keep us updated on your test results.

You are in my thoughts and prayers:hugbetter:

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Sandy and Becca.:grouphug2:
Thank you for the hugs and prayers, I really appreciate them.:)

My hubby picked up my bottle today, so I will start tomorrow.
When I take it back in they said they have to take some blood. My rhumey didn't say anything about lab work. Oh well, :hehe:

Both my husband I love our little grand daughter soooo much.:)


poor you, I hate 24 hour urines. Once the stupid bottle leaked in the car, I was furious. The back of my station wagon was saturated. I was told by the woman in the lab that they are poor quality containers and that happens quite a bit. My car smelt of pee for days AND I had to do another 24 hour collection. Grrhhh ! I will never forget all that scrubbing, I had to take the carpets out on the car, scrub with disenfectant, leave in the sun to air, twice over.

I had forgotten all about that - geesh, where did that come from. Hopefully you will get a good quality container.

Anyway, I spill protein, but never enough to get excited about. So I hope you come into the same category, I got my fingers crossed for you.

And good luck with that container !


Hi Lynn!

I have often wondered if I have the kidney problem too. Sometimes when they check my urine, I have traces of protein showing up but nothing major. Only problem with me is showing alot of UTI's which I get constantly. I just switched doctors and hope this one is much better than the last one. Wish you my best in getting a diagnoses. ;)
I did the collection yesterday and took it to the lab this morning.
I was told it would take at least 2 days to get the results.
With the fourth of July on Friday I suppose I won't hear anything till next week.

Raglet on the way to the lab this morning I was thinking of your reply.
My bottle didn't leak. I put it on the seat next to me and put my hand on it so it wouldn't tip over and spill out. I hope I fall into your category as you are in and don't need to have any further with treatment.

LBH I hope you have better luck with your second doctor.

Take care.
Hi Lyn,

I too hope you fall into the same category as Raglet and myself, I haven't needed any other treatment for my kidneys since starting Imuran :luck:


PS My bottles never spilt, but I can tell you that having a fecal fat test for celiac is about as low as I want to go as far as testing goes :lol: My kids actually hid in the car out of sight when I took the buckets in :rotfl:

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