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rhuemy visit

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Hi Everyone,

I had my appointment with my rhumey today. He went over my labs that I had when my foot retained fluid.

I now get to do a 24 hr urine test. My lab showed I was leaking some protein. He said with kidney trouble retaining fluid usually happens in both legs.(I have never been a normal so why should I be now?:p) Being we really don't have a reason for that and there was some protein. He said a 24 hr urine test would show how much protein I was leaking.

He said kidney trouble starts out slow and you don't notice it and it doesn't show up on tests. Then boom it shows up on tests and have a lot of kidney involvement by then.

I am telling myself I am not going to worry until I have too. That isn't working to well.:unsure: I will do the test next week and see what becomes of it.

Take care,
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Party Time!

Hi Everyone,

I just got a call from my rhumey's nurse, Everything is OK!:woohoo:

Thank you for all your well wishes, thoughts and prayers.:grouphug2:

I am so relieved, I can't describe how I am feeling.


PS Lily I think my kids would of hid like that too if I had to carry that in.:rotfl:
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Lyn, that's WONDERFUL news!!!

:thumbs: Lyn!

So glad to hear your good news. I've not done the protein collection thing but did have a 3 day urinary diary to see how often and how much. I felt like all I was doing was peeing and writing.:rotfl:
Yep, grandkids make life a pleasure. I think I even feel better most of the time when I have my 4 y/o granddaughter.
Tom, congrats on your greaat-grand!



Dearest Lyn,

I am so thrilled to read that your Kidney's are alright! You made my day, friend!. I have been thinking of much.

My prayers were answered!

Love You,
you will never guess.....

I got a phone call this morning from my rhumey's nurse. She started out saying I would have to redo my 24 hr. urine catch.:mad:
The reason was that the lab lost my blood part of the test.:hissy:

I said why did I get a call from you on Monday saying everything was normal?:unsure: It was a different nurse that called me on Monday.
Today's nurse said she apparently didn't check it all to make sure they had all the results.

I went to our local lab to get it all done, but they had to send it off to a bigger lab to get the results. Well one lab is saying the other lost the blood part and of course the other lab said the same thing.:hissy:

The lab person from local lab called and felt so bad about all of this. I told her I was not a happy camper.:cry3:
My hubby picked up another jug and hat this afternoon. They also gave us a $10.00 gas coupon. (with $3.82 a gallon that won't go far)
I will do this all over again next week. It keeps a person at home when doing this.
Now I go threw all the stress wondering and worrying again.:grrr:

Take care everyone.


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Dear Lyn

I am so sorry to hear that they lost the blood part of the test(((((hugs))))).I have to say i really dont understand the whole 24 hour urine catch but still can imagine how you felt to think things were okay then they call to say they made a mistake :mad:.I would be very upset also with that one just hope they get i righ thsi time and you get the same reuslts that everything is okay :)with your kidneys(((hugs))).Please let us know how it all comes out?


Dearest Lyn,

I am very sorry, that you have to go through..all the stress of being concerned about your kidney's again.

I can't say I am surprised to hear things, were bungled up..though. When, I was tested for lupus..the local lab, kept coming back saying..all my tests were within normal ranges.

It was only when my Rheumy sent my labs all the way to C.A. that the right results were found out! :(

I hope, this time...things are done right, for you and if not, that they give you a 100.00 dollar coupon for gas, and a steak dinner!! :wink2:

Love you,
Arghhhhhhhh! Doesn't it make you want to scream at them ((((Lyn)))

Well you will be an expert at these by the time they are through. Good luck with these results Lyn, keeping you in my thoughts.

Ooooh ((((((Lyn))))))

That's awful having to go through this all over again.... :(

Hope the tests go extra-smoothly this time! :bigsmile:


Certainly not a fun test to repeat! What a mix-up... next thing you need to check is to make sure you don't get billed twice for it!

Chances are good though - that the result will be fine if the protein result was good with the first one & your regular U/A's have been good. I hope you won't worry as much this time around. I certainly don't think you need to worry as much...

Good luck with everything & let us know when you get the FINAL final results!
Oh dear Lyn that's so frustrating!! :mad: :grr: please try not to worry too much,(easy to say I know ) fingers crossed it will be fine.

wishing you lot's of luck :luck: :luck:
let us know how you get on please
love karen x
Good news

I received a phone call from my rhumey's nurse this afternoon.

ALL the tests are in, and they are ok!!! :bigsmile:
See him in 3 months.

Thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes.

First I was going to say good luck with your testing, then I was going to say Horray glad it went well, then i was going to say good luck again.....

but is this one official?

Very glad for you that this test came out in normal limits. Horrayyy!!
Dear Lyn

I am so glad that all test are okay and sure hope things are getting better for you pain wise and overall health.I do know how this was wieghing on your mind and sure hope you can get soem rest now knowing that things are all okay in that case anyway((((hugs))).take care of yourself young lady:p.

Wonderful News!

I am so relieved to hear the great results, Lyn. I know you are too..:)

I will continue hoping for the best for you, always..

Your friend,
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